Copyright (c) 1998 John Caris

Alchemy has as one of its major principles the unifying of opposites. When the red king and white queen are joined in spiritual marriage, the child of light is born. Spiritually, the wedding of body, soul, and spirit are accomplished: the body and spirit are fused together through the soul which acts not only as catalyst but also as vessel, as a place where the act occurs. Paradox is a name given to the union of opposites. To accomplish the great work, the diligent worker learns to move beyond paradox through paradoxical thinking and step up the spiral staircase to where the child of light blossoms from the lotus flower.

Spiritually, alchemy is a process of transforming consciousness. All of the laboratory techniques, whether dealing with physical chemicals or the chemistry of consciousness, center on some form of meditation. Each culture has always provided a form of meditation to those who are interested. Today in a global sharing of cultures, one can choose from a diversity of meditative techniques and construct a personal path--to choose "the one less traveled by" or one that is crammed with travelers. Whichever path is selected, the goal and final result is the same for all seekers: "One who has traversed a desert will discover an oasis while one who has crossed an ocean will find an inviting beach."

Alchemical thinking permeates Foundation for a New Consciousness, which is online for your reading pleasure.


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