Land of the Ancients

Many cultures peopled the Americas in pre-contact times. Some have been dated as far back as twelve thousand BC and others may be even older. These civilizations were as brilliant and sophisticated as those in other parts of the world. In the US and Canada the most significant cultures were the Chacoans in the Colorado Plateau region and the Mound Builders in the Midwest and South, centering along the Mississippi and its tributaries.

I would like to share information, involving images supplemented by comments, about the Ancient Ones who resided in western United State. Most of the images are from the Colorado Plateau and surrounding areas. If the viewer’s curiosity is sharpened, encouraging further inquiry, my purpose is satisfied. This presentation has two parts: stone ruins and rock art. Together, they provide insight into an earlier culture, but perhaps even more, a reconsideration of our modern society. Earlier societies are often mirrors that reflect upon our present day concerns and problems. Contemporary technology should not blind us to the wisdom imparted by ancient cultures.

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Ancient Ruins

Ancient Rock Art

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