Secrecy, Stalinism and Subversion of the Constitution
by Jack D. Forbes

In writings and speeches I have repeatedly warned Yankee North Americans that the unconstitutional methods used by the U.S. government against Native American nations and individuals would eventually be applied to all other persons.

In my book The Indian in America's Past (1965) I included a section on "Totalitarian America" which highlighted the ways in which the First Americans were being denied all of their rights, both individual and national, and were being subjected to being treated as "enemy combatants" without any right of habeas corpus or legal defense. Moreover, secrecy was often used to defraud Native Americans, as in the hiding away of the rejected California Indian treaties as well as the theft and hiding of sacred objects and even human remains.

Well, the U.S. government has been steadily moving in the direction of treating all citizens like Indians! Not only that, but through the actions of the CIA, the NSA, and the bloated Department of Defense (DOD), the federal government is attempting to do the same to many other peoples around the globe.

Bush's "New World Order" is, in essence, a plan to reduce many humans into "domesticated Indians" located on "reservations" which the U.S.A. supervises by sea, satellite, and spy planes. Step out of line, too far, and the fate of Cuba, Iraq, Nicaragua, or Grenada may be yours.

Oh well, many "red-state white people" long supported the enslavement or oppression of African-Americans, the theft of land and resources from First Americans, and discrimination against the poor, the low IQ population, mothers with too many babies, et cetera. Remember the castrating of males in so-called "eugenics" procedures and the performance of sterilization upon unsuspecting Blacks, Indians, and poor or low-IQ females?

It didn't happen very long ago either. But now the privileged middle and even upper classes are having their phone calls analyzed and other aspects of their privacy destroyed.

So we now have three major characteristics of the Bush administration: secrecy, stalinism, and subversion. The huge National Security Administration is one part of the spy system designed to amass every conceivable bit of data about our conversations, contacts, financial transactions, business deals, love affairs, trips, library visits, subscriptions, and internet habits.

This was the stalinist system of the USSR, developed after 1917 and honed into a massive operation under dictator Josef Stalin. Bush is using 9-11 to enlarge upon the spy system which already existed under prior presidents. This is why I can say that Bush is a stalinist.

The Bush administration also seeks to deny the U.S. citizenry any knowledge about what OUR government is really doing. This is the most secretive administration in our history, and such "state secrets" also constitute subversion, the subverting of what is left of our democratic system. Big Government Republicans (and Democrats) would have us believe that the federal government consists in three branches: the legislative (Congress), the executive (Bush), and the judiciary (judges and courts). In fact this is merely propaganda designed to make us, the people, feel powerless and acquiescent to tyranny.

There are actually two other branches of the government: the tribal (guaranteed by the Commerce Clause and by treaties which are part of the "supreme law of the land"), and the citizenry.

The Constitution establishes the citizenry as the very foundation of government, because the citizens convene together, as it were, at times of elections to select the executives and legislators. Not only that, but the Constitution leaves to the people residual powers of government.

Stalinism and government secrecy subvert the Constitution because they ignore and deny the fundamental authority of the citizenry. The U.S. government rests upon the citizenry as its foundation. But the foundation is being eroded by (1) a loss of personal freedom and civil liberties, and (2) the denial of information about what our legislators and other officials are doing with our tax dollars in our names!

The Bush bureaucracy keeps telling us that we cannot be allowed to know, for example, if we are torturing captives in secret detention centers, if we are funding Somali warlords, if we are planning a nuclear attack on Iran, if we are disrupting political processes in other sovereign countries (such as Cuba, Venezuela, Palestine, Syria, et cetera), if we are holding possible perpetrators of 9-11 murders without bringing them to trial, if our energy policy was formed from the secret advice of profit-seeking energy corporations, and on and on. (Note: I refer to Palestine as sovereign even though Israel refuses to evacuate its 1967 territory.)

State secrets are subversive of our republic unless they specifically relate to a military or technical weapons procedure or system which has been newly developed and is not known by potential enemies. All other operations of the U.S. government are carried out in our name, including strategy, and must be known to us as a part of responsible citizen supervision, except in a very limited number of cases.

We are the "voter rulers" of this country, as I wrote in an early article published in The Humanist, back in 1967. I believe that it is unconstitutional for federal officials to be able to hide information that we must have to exercise our duties under the Constitution.

The latter does not allow us to delegate our fundamental powers to unseen spies and bureaucrats, whether wearing military uniforms or suits and ties.

Let us elect legislators who promise to do away with secrecy designed only to shield rulers from review by the citizenry. We are the "deciders," not Bush.

Jack D. Forbes is an authority on the history of inter-state and inter-ethnic relations. His latest book, The American Discovery of Europe, will be out this fall. He is of Powhatan,Delaware and other background.

News From Indian Country July 10, 2006