Run, Henry [Kissinger], Run

Former secretary of state and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger is a wanted man. Courts in Argentina, France and Chile want Kissinger to testify about his role in human rights violations around the world. On May 31, 2001, a French court tried to obtain Kissinger's testimony on Operation Condor (a joint campaign by several military dictatorships to murder dissidents across Latin America). When Kissinger fled France, the story was front page news in Europe but received almost no mention in the US. Kissinger initiated the secret bombing of Cambodia and Laos; supported fascist military coups in Chile, Argentina and Greece; and allegedly gave the "green light" for the Indonesian Army's invasion of East Timor. "As the mountain of irrefutable evidence against him grows, Kissinger should not be able to go anywhere without being confronted by demands that he be brought to justice," claims Tahnee Stair of the International Action Center [39 W. 14th St., No. 206, New York, NY 10011]. Kissinger's alleged crimes were the subject of a scathing investigation by 60 Minutes and a two-part series by Christopher Hitchens in Harper's magazineŚnow available as a book, The Trial of Henry Kissinger (Verse 2001). When Kissinger addressed the National Press Club (NPC) to promote his book, Does America Need a Foreign Policy?, every written question from the audience asking for comments on these issues was ignored. NPC moderator Richard Koonce later admitted: "There was a definite sensitivity to that. He... preferred to avoid that." Russell Mokhiber, editor of the Corporate Crime Reporter asks: "How can it be ethical to agree secretly with an author beforehand not to ask a certain set of questions?" Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting [FAIR, (212) 633-6700, ] puts it more bitingly: "If a former secretary of state receiving a summons about his knowledge of murder, torture and disappearances is not news, then what is?" PBS' Charlie Rose, CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Fox News' Paula Zahn also failed to ask Kissinger about his apparent flight from justice.

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