Dancing Magicians

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Magic and psychic feats abound while psi field intersects with cyberspace. Magician Ralph Garland, participating in psychic experiments at Institute of Consciousness-Imagination-Nous, alters the fabric of reality. His worldview shattered, he journeys through the secret mansion to regain his vital self. Shasta Garland, poet and novelist, embarks on a quest with a new mystery story featuring detectives from Peoples Investigations, who are caught in a web of role-playing wizards inhabiting the astral zone. The Garlands become entangled with others who are on their own path of self-discovery and renewal.
Rafé Courbet, exploring her cultural roots, blends Native American storytelling with magical routines. Lefty Cosmos, cyberpunk, composes an online novel revealing hidden knowledge about humans and their special gifts. CEO Tau confronts imminent threats to his business empire and global power which rely on the use of data clandestinely collected from corporate and government databases.
Ocean Avenue Trio–Mary Rainbow, John Ocean, and Od Tinker–designs and initiates Master Game, a consciousness-raising project that culminates in Consciousness Fair, a theatrical production revealing the mysteries and magic of creative imagination.

Blending myth, adventure, and magic, Dancing Magicians offers extraordinary happenings, psychic insights, and imaginative ideas.

Chapters 1-6 are online for your reading pleasure.

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Dancing Magicians
$14.95 softcover 308 pages, ISBN 978-0-9607320-3-6
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