"Do You Remember When ----" and my off the cuff ones would be as follow:

1. when Dave H and Don T and John C and Don H delivered the Ft. Wayne News Sentinel to folks on their paper routes; and Dave H also had a morning route; and some of the folks on Don H's route included: Howard Boomershine and Harold Harmon when they lived back-to-back, and both before and after Howard fired Harold; and Mary Ann Moore/family, the Maxton (Chevies) and Alwood (Fords) families, the Joe Douglass family, Ms Hepner and Mom, the Brokaw (theatre) family, and the Kindig (band) and Saunders (9th English) couples who shared a duplex.

2. when Druck made Dave H and Don T and Don H sit alone on the bleachers until they agreed to practice for center position on junior varsity b'ball; that sit out lasted for all of 7 minutes; little did Druck realize then that the star varsity center would be our Charley.

3. when Grace Crain (3rd grade) caught Charley and Philip and Don H expanding their vocabularies with @*#*&*%# words and told them she would visit with their Dad's in person about all that --- AND SHE DID --- two at Tri-State, 1 at the (old) Post Office.

4. when in Psych class Joyce Dunkin handed 5 demerits each to Max and Don H just after teaching the class about mental telepathy, whereupon Don and Max (sitting side-by-side) commenced staring at each other to determine if Max could tell Don something by what is called ESP nowadays; no luck with ESP, but both received demerits anyhow.

5. when, in Senior English, Charley cupped his hand over his mouth and whispered "Huff" (also sitting side-by-side) so as to stick his tongue out at same hoping that same would grin or snicker or whatever, and Ruby would then call on Huff to answer "what kind of word is the word 'that'?" since Charley didn't know the answer and was convinced he was next after Dorothy Deming who didn't know either. Charley's tongue did the trick, Huff did grin and Ruby did call "Mr. Huff," but luckily he knew that 'that' is an adjective and said so --- that's the good news, the bad news is THE GRIMACE with which Ruby acknowledged Huff's correct reply. Don still shivers when he recalls that grimace, which otherwise could have been a trip to see Elliott, or more demerits, or both. Thanks, Charley.

6. when Carty and Max and Don H played penny poker at Don T's house; and for one hand of 5-card stud, Don H was dealt a royal flush in clubs; first time ever, and 99.999% guaranteed to be the last time as well.

Don Huff