I'm Almost The Same

I'm almost the same as in 96, for
our wonderfully historic 45.

My eyes are still a beautiful blue
.. .albeit blood shot through and through.

And I'm as regular as I can be,
assuming the enema bulb is close to me.

My teeth are really still quite
sound with only two new golden crowns.

I still read books quite a lot, although at
a much, much slower trot.

Didn't wear a hearing aid then.. .don't wear one now.
.. .What was that you said? You'll have to yell.

I continue to believe "You are what you think" .. .but I
keep forgetting the thought in a blink.

I enjoy a brisk walk, two kilometers a day
.. .it used to be miles but it sounds better this way.

I have much less hair to cover my scar,
but I'm looking more like Bruce Willis the movie star.

So as you can see.. .I'm almost the same,
and I know you are too all my wonderful friends.


Don Taylor 24 September 2011

Don Taylor