Excerpt from Foundation for a New Consciousness 2

Copyright © 1987 John Caris

From chapter 1 "A Dare

If we examine the underlying structure of the arts and sciences, both ancient and modern, we can discover their connection. The eyes of Western scientists are opening to the meditative tradition because they now have devices to measure the inner state. It is this tradition of meditation (or for some--magic) which, I believe, is the glue that binds the arts and sciences together. Since the arts incorporate a traditional cosmology, they can shed light upon contemporary science, which often assumes that it is radically different from ancient science. There are meditative traditions that use the arts both to illustrate cosmic principles and to further the growth of the soul. Two traditional Western sciences, alchemy and astrology, have used the arts for this purpose. In ancient times the link between art and religion was usually present. Perhaps this is true even today. Perhaps the arts are opening our awareness to another reality.

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