Cold Springs, Hamilton, IN, Memories

Shirley and I have fond memories of the Cold Springs dance hall on Hamilton Lake. For that matter, the Cold Springs beach on the lake was also one of my favorite places to swim.

We really didn't get to Cold Springs often though. In high school, I didn't have access to a car. So the only times we went to Cold Springs was when we double-dated with another couple who could drive. Shortly after I graduated, I bought a 1939 Plymouth. So for the next couple of summers, we went to dance hall as often as we pleased.

I don't remember the price of admission. Although it had to be less than 50˘ per couple or we would not had enough for a Coke or bottle of Pokagon pop. I do recall the price at Bledsoe's Beach dance hall on Lake James was 10˘ a dance.

I was somewhat aware that the bands were "biggies". But the only names I remember were Jimmy Dorsey and Ray Anthony.

I left for Army service in June of 1953. Shirley entered the first nurses training class at Parkview Hospital that fall. We were married in June of 1954 and returned to Angola in 1956 to start classes at Tri-State. I recall dancing at Bledsoe's Beach pavilion a few times while we were in college. We went back to the Cold Springs beach for a swim several times ~ my aunt and uncle had a cottage nearby. But I don't think we ever returned to the Cold Springs dance hall.

We moved away from Angola in 1959. Consequently, we were not here for the dance hall's rock and roll years.

Nonetheless, I still remember it as a comfortably nice place for a young couple to spend an evening. . .a comfortably nice place that I could afford, no less.

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George Gecowets