Hermes Beckons: Walking the Wild Side
Chapter 26
© 2006 John Caris

The balmy spring morning enhanced the Garlands’ mood as they sat in their garden, brightened by colorful spreads of blossoms. A mystical presence hovered around them as they discussed future plans. Alchemical Light Show had been a success, having run four weeks. Now Ralph was receiving offers to perform at out of town venues, and several publishers of magical media were inquiring about producing a DVD of the show.

“I woke up this morning with a sudden intuition about Harold. It’s about his middle name.” Ralph smiled at her with a secret awareness.

“Oh, what is it?” Shasta sensed the bond between them growing stronger and more intimate.

“The initial ‘A’ stands for Azoth or mercury, the first principle or the universal remedy.”

“So, he’s your spirit power.”

“Yes, the medicine to cure the black hole in my soul.” He looked intently at her and then gently squeezed her hand. “But you’re part of the healing, the most important ingredient.”

“Let’s walk the wild side.”

“Both shores of Moon River are wild.”

“We’re soul mates living out our dreamtime floating towards the rainbow’s end.”

“Yes, two wanderers, waiting to discover the wonders around the bend.”

Holding hands, they sat in silence, fully immersed in the serenity of their joy and unaware of other presences. Their spirits fused as Ms. Anna Hummingbird circled over head before flying to her nest with a tiny twig in her beak. Lucy and Karma, relishing the morning bliss, were stretched out beside the catnip, imbibing nature’s balm.

Examining Ralph, Shasta remarked, “You’ve been manufacturing a lot of endorphins recently, haven’t you?” Her sparkle reflected her happiness.

“Why not benefit from Mother Nature’s gifts.” Ralph’s playful mood had been waxing since the first performance of Alchemical Light Show.

“Are you interested in increasing our supply of phenylethylamine?” She winked at him and uttered a girlish giggle.

“What does it do?” His curiosity was aroused.

“What we felt the night we spent in that tiny room of yours on Shrader Street.” Delight danced in her eyes.

“Aha—that euphoric moment. When?” He was enchanted with the thought.

“Now.” She gave him a long sensuous kiss.

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