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2006 by Joel

My Dear Friends:

Following Columbia Pictures founder Harry Cohen's well attended funeral, comic Red Skelton uttered the immortal words, "Give the people what they want and they'll turn out." So many of you have expressed appreciation of my annual holiday newsletters that I thought I would give you more of what you want. Thanks to my dear friends and Encouragers-in-Chief John and Mary Caris of San Francisco, at whose web address my writing can be found, we can have Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years all year round. Sort of.

Letters from Los Angeles and the Berkshires, or wherever else we happen to land, will include no personal news and will be written with my mittens off. My aim is to entertain, energize, inform and occasionally shock or provoke you to act. Politics, religion, the performing arts, cultural issues and trends, my pet peeves and just about anything else that attracts my interest and, I hope, yours will be grist for the mill. And if you disagree with me but reckon "I didn't know that" or "I never thought of it that way before" I'll get satisfaction enough.

I plan to speak my piece without getting personal or causing readers any harm. A gentleman aims to make honorable people comfortable in his presence and the dishonorable wretched at the mention of his name.

Nothing would please me more than to learn your opinions and thoughts so I can incorporate them in Letters to come. This you can accomplish by writing or by talking with me in the most informal way.

And I'm going to let you in on a secret, a sort of coming out of the closet about something I have never told a living soul. All my life, even as a kid, I.....I....I've never been wrong. Not once! Don't laugh; with all that responsibility it hasn't been easy.

See what you've gotten yourself into? But you knew that when you took me on as a friend. I'll be thrilled if you get even a fraction of the enjoyment I'm going to get writing these letters for you.

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