“Enlightenment is just the beginning of the work.” — Ivan St. John

Seeking truth and working to align with the physical and spiritual laws of the universe, we eventually develop a rhythmic connection to more pervasive levels of awareness.

Daily spiritual practice encourages a smooth and satisfying process of awakening to knowledge of the energy, meaning and purpose of our real being.

My writing documents my growing conscious awareness of the integration of spirit into my everyday life and also draws on the wisdom of other seekers to encourage increased interest in the process of spiritual development. — June Johnson

Opening the Box of Infinite Gifts


The Soul’s Breath of Life

Love Leads to Wholeness

The Discernment of Wisdom

A Higher Form of Reasoning

Old Choices, New Resolve

The Garden of Truth and Temptation

Ring in the True

Radical Humility

The Third Great Aim of Life

Right Action


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