Do You Remember:

When Marilynn Weiss had made herself a skirt and opted for using snaps instead of a zipper. (So much easier than learning how to put in a zipper.) The skirt had a cute tie in the back. 'Mates were walking into Mac's algebra class when John Caris (ever a prankster) came up behind Marilynn and yanked on the bow. The snaps snapped and having a load of books in her arms, her skirt fell down to her hips. She was SO humiliated! John got some really bad looks. In those days we 'mates would NEVER have cursed... but Marilynn was really mad at John. Bet John has forgotten, but Marilynn hasn't!!!
Alas, Marilynn, I don’t remember the ‘yanking the bow’ routine (magic?) and I even checked in with my prankster side, who only smirked and laughed. Sorry. I do remember cluing you in about the predictable nature of algebra (‘it-always-works-this-way and you-can-trust-it’ logic) after I had a Saturday study session with Mac.— John C.
John, Not surprised that you don't remember pulling the bow on my skirt. It was just a funny to you, but not to me! It was very embarrassing ! You just laughed and went on your way to class. I, however, do not remember you explaining any algebra to me. I remember really liking that class. About 8 years later, after becoming an RN, I went to IU for a year. I scheduled myself to take an algebra class....big mistake! Passed it, but it wasn't so easy as I had thought it would be!— Marilynn W. M.

When little Stevie Sanders, while in Miss Teagarden's room...2nd grade, brought a leg shank of a cow or bull to school, had it in his locker and at recess he removed it to chase all the girls around the playground with the flopping hoof. (Was that a Show and Tell item?)

When we played, "Brownies and Fairies" and "Boys after Girls then switching to Girls after Boys?" No one worried about sexual harassment suites back in those days! In fact most of the girls just hoped a little boy would kiss her if he caught her?

The terrible gym suit that girls were required to wear, and when in Girls Basket Ball they only played half of the court?

We were taught the Palmer method of cursive...and we didn't call it cursive, either, just "writing" vs. "printing." We started practicing writing in first grade, too.

Janet Minor, Carol Eldridge, Nancy White, and Cecelia?

Dottie was the most popular girl and everyone wanted to be her best friend?

Miss Meyers first grade had an indoor play house...those lucky kids in her room!

We received our immunizations in the school nurses' office?

Buying war stamps for 10 cents and filling up the stamp books to buy a War Bond?

Walking home at noon for lunch. The majority of lunches were cooked at the school (Mrs. Kunkle supervisor) and served to the bus students. Very occasionally one was allowed to eat at school. Marilynn especially liked the hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes.

Listening to the World Series in the auditorium.

Friday night Senior Parties, dancing in the kitchen, chocolate cake by moms, and Senior Breakfast at Pokagon?

Never wearing jeans to school? Jeans with high heels or jewelry was considered tacky. And wearing jeans with holes in them would have been unthinkable.

Don T. spilling HCl or was it H2SO4 on his jeans in chemistry and making a quick trip home to change.

The Chemistry class trip to the Angola Sewage Plant. What did that have to do with the price of eggs in China, or the formulas for the hydrogen bomb?

Old Time Music—when we were young: listen up at Grandma Faith's Web Site

Marilynn Weiss Marshall