Of the circle in Angola strung with lights,
Multiple sparkling colors shining in the night.
And shopping at Murphy’s 5 & 10,
Five dollars was all I needed, way back then.
In the years to come I learned to find,
That the joy was in giving and being kind.
Once there were new formals for the Christmas dance,
Then a wedding gown for life’s big chance.
For all life’s twists and turns, it’s been all right.
I would not change it, if I could!
Would you?

Musings from My Book of Memories

Gray Hair
I hate gray hair - my gray hair!
Some people turn gray at twenty.
I have gray hair popping out at forty-three.
For some it is “prematurely gray.”
For me it is maturely gray!
I hate gray hair.

Today I Lost a Dear Friend of Childhood (written when Gil Taylor died)
He called me Chrissie, that quiet partner! But in whose quietness, one knew,
That the use of the old nickname meant one was still,
As always, one of the favorite children, he knew long ago.
(When hearts were young, lives yet
to be lived, and days seemed to last forever.)
My quiet friend, I always knew
Now, like then so long ago,
I was always a special child to you. Chrissie

© 2007 Marilynn W. Marshall

Marilynn Weiss Marshall