We played together with our dolls.
       And teased our brother when he was small.
We shared a bed and then our room,
       And argued over which was half!
You can cut and I will choose!
       No, I won't fall for your subterfuge.
Can you hear the rain on the old tin roof,
       And is that Santa's reindeer's hoof?
You sometimes wore my hand me downs.
       And forever seemed to tag along.

Roller skating around the block.
       Those carefree summer days.
A double dip was just ten cents,
       Fudge ripple on a sugar cone.
Look! I can eat it faster than you!
       OOPS, yours is all gone, poor Sue.

New clothes and shoes for Easter, Christmas and Autumn
       A trip to Ft. Wayne...there was no mall.
White Mary Jane's for Easter and black in the fall.
       Oh, Mama, how could you, how cruel,
Insist that we wear them back and forth to school!
       Those ugly brown shoes, with the eighth inner wedge?
Give us patents and high heels, and fun shoes instead.

© Marilynn Marshall, March 2010

       A Confession

It wasnít quite true, what I said to you.

He was more than a childhood friend.

He was the first to kiss my cheek and the first to hold my hand.

He awakened feelings that I was yet to understand.

He was my closest friend for several years to come.

He knew my every whim, my secrets, there were none.

So now I tell you truly, he was so much more.

As old age comes knocking and opens memories door.

Our love, it did not change these 50 years and plus.

Iíll always have those treasured memories of just the five of us.

© Marilynn Marshall, November 2011

Marilynn Weiss Marshall