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An early, perhaps the first, computer-hacking novel

A world championship chess match is the backdrop for this intriguing science fiction detective story. The main computer of the Federal Reserve is being tampered with by a sinister power, and the results could wreak havoc with the fiscal policy, causing the U.S. economy to fragment into pieces. Actual chess games are used, and they act as launching pads for journeys into strange and challenging worlds.

The mind has the power to project itself and to manipulate its environment. It has the power to shape external reality according to its inner reality. And when powerful minds become engaged in combat, a mighty and fierce struggle ensues.

The outcome of a chess game can be explained in several ways: chance blunders on one side or sharp playing on the other side. Or some kind of mind power influencing the players. It is a difficult idea to accept.

An excerpt from the book.

Complete book online.


"A delight and a challenge ... very recommended." New York Tribune

"An extraordinary novel." Science Fiction Review

"A new age classic."Better Lives for a Better World

"A gifted writer." Slidell Daily News

The Classic First Edition
Softcover, 180 pages, 24 chess diagrams, appendix with 17 master chess
games, descriptive notation. ISBN 978-0-9607320-0-5
$7.95 plus $3.00 shipping by US Postal media mail in the USA.
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Copyright 1982 John Caris

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