Spenser Blake's Secret

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Spenser Blake has a secret about an important early Christian theme: the Jesus-Lazarus affair. Listening to his inner voice, he decides to hire Shasta Garland, author of the popular Peaches Peoples detective novels, to write a story conveying his controversial interpretation of the idea.

Douglas Balentine, renowned biblical scholar, employs Peaches Peoples Investigation Agency to recover a stolen ancient book, the ‘Lazarus Gospel,’ which centers on the Jesus-Lazarus affair. As she searches for the missing manuscript, Peaches realizes she has lost contact with her basic self. Recovering the manuscript is entangled with finding the bedrock of her self-identity. Excelling at surfing cyberspace and psi-space without leaving any tracks, Rafé Courbet and Sandra Kingfisher assist Peaches in her investigation of the stolen manuscript by gathering sensitive and limited access data. They also teach Peaches the best techniques to surf cyberspace and psi-space. Using a special cloaking device and her skill at remote viewing, Peaches recovers the stolen book from Marcus Scarpia, diabolical practitioner of dark magic.

Spenser Blake’s Secret is a provocative and wild ride through the bizarre entanglement of cyberspace and psi-space.

Chapters 1-3 are online for your reading pleasure.

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Spenser Blake's Secret
$13.99 softcover 200 pages, ISBN 978-0-9607320-4-3
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