Spenser Blake's Secret
© 2016 John Caris
Chapter 2

Early morning -- I was facing a new investigation – but not exactly, more like investigative writing. I opened a document for the new client Spenser Blake. I paused, sipping the excellent coffee I always drank, and considered that Peaches Peoples investigation team will travel the streets and byways that Spenser Blake does. Ok, Peaches is now into the big time. What fun to fuse the daily realm with fiction. I wondered which reality was more fictional: Spenser Blake’s or hers. In fiction everything goes, but then so too in Blake’s world.

Okay, I thought, the time is here to jump into the bizarre world of fact fused with fiction, a step through the portals of psi-space and time. I started typing.

Peaches was enjoying the excellent coffee she always drank and chewing an unlit Cuban cigar -- two things she refused to sacrifice. She might be poor, but she didn’t inflict herself with pointless pain.

The door opened and Aeneas entered with their friend Rafé Courbet, who was upset and fraught with worry. Peaches stood up offering firm support to Rafé, who was about a foot shorter and very slender. Rafé’s dignity compelled Peaches to stand upright. Peaches nearly saluted her friend because of her inner power but caught herself and offered a relaxed handshake and a warm smile.

Rafé was eager to talk but needed quiet first. Peaches pulled up the only comfortable chair and assisted her friend into it. Rafé took several deep breaths and said, “I had very frightening news while gliding in the psi-zone during my meditation. They are after him, going to kill him.” A moving image of her travels was projected onto their mind’s psi-screen for them to view.

With a fringed shawl decorated with a water bird motif wrapped around her shoulders, Rafé sat on the crescent moon and the rainbow road curved along above her. Soaring high overhead, nearly touching the edge of heaven, was anhinga, Sunrise, its wings outstretched and its long tail spread fan-like. She had named her water bird Sunrise because it signified golden illumination and dawn of consciousness. With an eagle prayer feather in one hand and the other shaking a gourd rattle with an image of Peyote Woman painted on one side and a sunrise painted on the other, she prayed to Peyote Woman. As the rhythm of the shaking rattle increased, she waved the prayer feather in a circular movement. The sacred buckskin pouch holding Chief Peyote resting next to her throat vibrated spiritual energy enhancing her inner being.

Sunrise was observing the horizons: past, present, and future moments. She asked Sunrise to fly higher into heaven itself and bond her soul and spirit. The water bird entered the heavenly sphere, and she felt her soul and spirit become one. For a few moments Sunrise glided through the heavenly domain and then it began a graceful dive passed the curving rainbow road, not stopping until it perched beside her on the crescent moon. It turned its head toward her and peered directly into her eyes. It whispered, “The best options for your plans are the ones you have chosen. But there is danger, peril to you and your friends the Garlands, especially Ralph Garland. The source is Tau, alias Quincebury. Beware the words: ‘gun,’ ‘photon,’ ‘resurrection,’ and ‘elixir of life’ – all refer to potential threats of harm.” Sunrise gently touched her forehead with its beak and flew away. She floated downwards smoothly until she reached the earth. She re-entered her physical body and opened her eyes, staring up at the golden illumination.

Rafé Courbet sat up and reflected upon her visionary experience. She felt joy flowing through her body as she always did after visiting Peyote Woman. Today she could sense her soul and spirit snuggled together in a loving embrace. But today’s visit was different from all the others. Her anhinga had warned her of danger in the near future.

Meditating on the meaning of the vision, she touched the centerpiece, shaped as a peyote bird with its wings formed like a crescent moon, of the necklace which was hanging around her neck. Running along the center of the crescent from end to end was the rainbow path, the peyote road. Hanging from the bird’s tail were three strands of shells. She had constructed the necklace when she had joined Peyote Woman’s spiritual path and became a member of the Native American Church.

The answer came in a flash. She would contact Dr. Lionel Sitting Otter, the Roadman or leader of the Native American Church branch she attended, seeking his wisdom. He was a professor in the Native American Studies Program at SF State, and was so well-known for his compassion and wisdom the students nicknamed him Gentle Lion. He was a practicing member or mide of the fourth degree of the Midewiwin Society, an ancient healing and mystical society of the Algonquin nations. The English name was Grand Medicine Society. Initiation into the society was based on a death and rebirth cer¬emony. A mide of the fourth degree had several spirit guides or manito guardians who communicated with the mide by vision dreams. Each mide merged with the guardian, becoming one and gaining its power. Because of his superior mide power, Gentle Lion was able to understand and interpret Rafé’s vision dream.

She had contacted Gentle Lion, who offered her information about his colleague Carlyle Quincebury, who taught in an unrelated discipline but with whom he had served on committees. Yes, Quincebury was very intelligent but seemed to lack an affinity for the Great Mysteries. And he thought Quincebury could be vengeful under the proper conditions. He recommended she should get help from Peaches Peoples, a well-known sage of Euro-American culture.

Peaches felt a strong kinship, not because she was Native American, but as a lady of the earth and land, knowing its value and many psi-levels. Peaches’ roots grew deep into the earth giving her a source of inner power.

Rafé was completing a MA in drama. Her thesis was a project to design and execute a dramatic performance using magic routines that portrayed traditional Na¬tive American stories. She would become a Native storyteller, narrating Na¬tive People’s stories with magic. Her inspiration for the style of magical performance was Ralph Garland’s Alchemical Light Show she had assisted with. It had been a daring and risky venture to portray occult themes and thoughts, yet it had worked well. She had learned much as Ralph’s magical assistant.

Last spring she had researched traditional Native American animal stories and chosen a few for routines. She had been performing them during her walk-around magic acts at Ocean Delights, a cafe on Ocean Avenue. She had shown two of these magical effects at a recent theater workshop. Her teacher and the other students were amazed at her skill.

With her earth rooted intuition she realized Peaches, if she wanted to help the Garlands, required the aid of Sandra Kingfisher. Sipping the tasty herbal tea, she told them about a friend who could assist them. Sandra Kingfisher was a genius and had a superior cyber mind for surfing the electromagnetic field. Her movement through psi-space in the astral zone was also expert and she had agility and speed.

Her cyber-whiz friend had developed a traditional Western religious-mystical approach to assist her travels through cyber-psi spaces. Her abilities were more cultivated than Tau Carlyle. Sandra had developed her cyber skills over fifteen years and was now at her peak. She had created several techniques of psi-travel and was well-known for finding a sacred portal, securing and cloaking it.

“I never knew what a peyote ceremony was like. I’ve heard about them but didn’t realize the spiritual power of the vision.” Peaches was astonished.

“Actually, it was not a regular ceremony as we have at the church and led by our Roadman, Dr. Lionel Sitting Otter. I didn’t take any peyote as we do at church but was in a meditative state of mind, a form of prayer to Peyote Woman. That form of contemplation shone rays of illumination on the darkness of my soul and so expanded my consciousness.”

“That’s wonderful, Rafé; you have a rare talent for cosmic magic. You’ve already delved into more mysteries than I have in my lifetime.” Smiling broadly, Aeneas felt like a proud brother.

Peaches transformed her astonishment into enchantment. “So what is your interpretation?”

“I basically agree with Gentle Lion, the Roadman of my church. Quincebury is the source of the problem and potential danger. A gun is a weapon of destruction, one that Quincebury can use. I like Gentle Lion’s take on the photon, which has a double nature or identity. It can behave either as a particle or a wave. I intuited the double level of meaning applied to the whole vision. The photon referred to the golden light of dawn.” Rafé paused looking at the team while she nibbled on another cookie and sipped tea.

“Yes. ‘Dawn’ is a beautiful metaphor for rebirth and the restoration of life,” Virgil acknowledged.

“Probably the greatest cosmic mystery is creation and its meaning to us humans. The process of coming into existence and later going out of existence probes our intellect and intuition for meaning and explanation.” Peaches moved into her inner being.

“Because of its double meaning I intuited the vision to refer to both advancement and peril. As Gentle Lion pointed out, I progressed closer to my inner self when my soul and spirit bonded. I moved one or two steps upward toward my rebirth.” Rafé exuded golden light.

Peaches came out of her reverie. “Rafé, your spiritual goal is quite similar to the hermetic purpose. The main difference is the language used. Funny, I’m visualizing Carlyle’s last words to Ralph. Carlyle wanted to discuss the ‘secret that’s never revealed.’ Ralph was climbing the spiral staircase and Carlyle was following. Suddenly Ralph vanished. Carlyle paused on a platform, looked into the shadows, and asked Ralph to talk with him. Carlyle was filled with terror and, not receiving a response, hurried down the staircase. When he reached the bottom, he collapsed, had a stroke. What a vivid image.”

“Perhaps he blames Ralph for his misfortune,” Rafé said. “The secret that’s never revealed. Wasn’t that an ancient riddle where if one didn’t give the correct answer death occurred to the testee?” Peaches looked at the team for verification.

“I don’t know. It might be,” Rafé said.

“The statement is very paradoxical and can’t be logically solved. It certainly fits into hermetic thinking,” Aeneas said.

“What do you think its purpose was, Aeneas?”

“It’s one of those teasers, a conundrum that forces the mind to move in circles without a resolution.”

“Or a riddle without an answer, like a Zen koan.” Peaches smiled like a happy Buddha.

Looking at her team Peaches said, “Let’s pool our resources and gather again when we have some new information to share about the issue.”

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